About Azrights

Intellectual property is your most important asset.  If you make good choices, use appropriate legal agreements, and take timely action even before you start up you will have a more valuable business.

Azrights was set up by Shireen Smith with a very simple aim: to widen access to intellectual property (IP) and business. As well as working with entrepreneurs, and SMEs, Azrights supports business advisers, marketing, branding and other agencies who create IP for companies or who provide them with strategic business advice.


Azrights is an award winning intellectual property law firm. It focuses on online business, and the legal aspects of branding. Every successful business will have a different IP profile, but for the majority of businesses the brand and website will be important IP assets.

It can be difficult to know what you don’t know, particularly when it comes to intellectual property and business. Lack of information can cause companies to ignore the fundamentals, and make expensive mistakes. So, an overriding goal is to produce accessible information on intellectual property so a business never suffers due to a lack of knowledge.

Knowledge is power.  Therefore we aim not only to bring our own extensive knowledge and experience to bear so as to help protect your company, but we also believe in helping by clearly explaining legal issues on our website, blogs and other publications.  We also try hard to explain our process in a way that is easy for clients to understand.

Going the extra mile

So if, for example, you are looking to protect your name, we will not simply file a trademark for you, but will also help you understand wider issues relevant to your trademark, such as how a trademark is impacted when your business succeeds in its niche and how and when to protect your interests abroad. We will also help you to understand your intellectual property assets.

Lawyers with life experience

Above all, we not only give legal advice, but we always strive to look at the business issues behind your legal needs.  We are lawyers who value the extra insights that life experience can bring to the law.  Our people generally have backgrounds in other fields outside of law, for example, Shireen, the founder, has not only been a solicitor for the past 25 years, but has also trained to be a journalist, dabbled in the property market, raised a family, and her experience of setting up Azrights, and developing entrepreneurship skills means she has a lot more to offer than purely legal insights.  Being a business owner informs her approach to legal service.

At Azrights we believe that our life experience is what makes us such good lawyers. It helps us to see the big picture.  We understand that clients are looking for swift solutions to problems, and do not want advisers who give long explanations of the law, and sit on the fence instead of offering practical help to reach decisions.

So, we won’t spend inappropriate time focusing on nitty-gritty details of law that may have no practical importance to your overriding business aims unless that is what you need us to focus on for particular reasons. Instead, we provide practical, commercially focused advice that you can act upon.

A ‘hybrid’ firm

Another key difference between Azrights and other firms is that we are a ‘hybrid’ firm focusing not just on the legal angle, but also on the underlying technology and business aspects of transactions. For example, not only do we advise on website contracts, we are also knowledgeable about the technical aspects of them, as our separate business provides website e-services. As such we have a sound grasp of the digital environment, and recruit staff with a background in areas like IT.

Therefore if you are looking to create and maintain your intellectual property assets, consulting Azrights can offer you invaluable knowledge and expertise to help you transform your ideas into reality. We are very confident that you’ll like our services and find them refreshingly relevant to you, and what’s more, extremely easy to buy.

If you have any questions give us a call on 0207700 1414 or submit an enquiry.



Shireen Smith
PS: For your information we have highlighted below some points we think are important when buying IP services as well as answering a few FAQs about the way we work. We hope you find this helpful.

What’s the deal then?

We charge fixed fees for all non-contentious work so as to give you price certainty, and we are committed to ‘no surprise’ invoices. For your trademarking needs we have a dedicated trademark registration website.

Azrights sells very high quality IP/IT and Internet legal services.  We provide exceptional value for money because we are a paperless office, and use technology to reduce costs.

Although we operate from offices in London, we don’t waste money on expensive offices with atriums.  We enjoy many of the savings of virtual law firms by not carrying a surplus of office space and expensive staff on our payroll.

We just employ a small core team, and bring in quality experts as and when extra skills and specialist skills are required. Many of our experts work remotely, meaning we can scale up quickly to handle larger projects.

Traditional law firms retain expensive, senior solicitors on the payroll, with the consequent need to keep them occupied.  Often they will therefore work on less skilled work despite their higher hourly rates.  This makes their overall charges more expensive for you.

So, in addition to the team members listed on the People pages of this site, we include many other experts among our team.  This means we are able to offer similar levels of specialism as City law firms in areas relevant to intellectual property, such as data protection, privacy and franchising.  The benefit to our clients is that you get access to expertise much more cost effectively.  What might take a non specialist lawyer hours to research, we might well know off the top of our heads, so that you would pay less for the advice by using us than a lower hourly charging law firm.

We focus all our attention and money, into what really counts – your legal products or services. So it’s our legal products and services you buy – not all those other bits that you can’t benefit from.

If you have an immediate need for our services do get in touch, but otherwise, connect with us on one of our social media platforms.