Stefano Debolini

Stefano DeboliniStefano joined us with degrees in Law from University College London, and Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.  He has since completed his training as a solicitor, and will celebrate 5 years with the firm in 2014.

As is typical with Azrights staff, Stefano has a strong technical background relevant to the areas in which we work, and advises clients on IT and IP transactions and disputes, comparative advertising, online business, data protection and the legal protection of software among other matters.  Stefano has also searched, filed, prosecuted and contested trade marks and designs for a wide variety of businesses across a number of jurisdictions, representing clients in hearings before the Intellectual Property Office, and helping clients to exploit brands through their sale and licensing.

Working at Azrights provides the ideal opportunity for Stefano to indulge his niche combination of interests. Away from work Stefano enjoys squash, playing and listening to music, and above all travelling and seeking out new experiences.