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How to Avoid Costly IP Mistakes When Implementing Your BIG Idea

It is surprisingly easy to overlook the intangible assets you own and produce. By their very nature they are unlikely to get tripped over in the office or be discovered hidden under the sofa when rearranging your furniture.

How can you know you have generated IP if you don’t know its value? Your rights to IP can be lost forever if you don’t act at the right time.

The inventor of the Karaoke machine earned nothing from the billion dollar industry that the invention spawned. He never thought of patenting his invention until it was too late. Had he done so it could have made him millions.

The lesson is simple – it you are an inventor, creative, entrepreneur or brand owner you need to know about IP.

Our book will inform you about some issues you may not have considered. Intellectual property is the asset class of the twenty first century, and poor awareness, failure to manage risk, and the pitfalls awaiting the unwary regularly lead to extra expense and missed opportunity.

The book also sets out more than 20 tips, and offers case studies and illustrative examples too.