• What is a partner?

If you run a business and your client asks for specific intellectual property advice which you are unable for various reasons to offer we just step in to help you out. By partnering it gets very easy for you to suggest the right service to your clients despite not having deep insight into the type of IP issue your client might need help with. SMEs need IP advice much sooner than they realise.

    • Why partner with us?
      • Receive commission on referrals
      • Listing on our Partners page as an approved supplier
      • Promotion of your services and events if they’re relevant to our contacts
      • Access to exclusive training webinars and workshops
      • Unique fixed price IPOne service relevant to SMEs of all sizes


    • How do I become a partner?
      • Sign up here and submit your contact details
      • We review your application
      • Once approved we will send you a welcome pack and a free copy of Shireen Smith’s book ‘IP Revolution’
      • We also send you your unique affiliate link so you can be sure that any online referrals are tracked back to you


  • How much and how will I get paid?

Partners will receive a fee for introducing clients to us who subsequently purchase our services. If your client lets us know you referred them, we will credit you with commission for any service they purchase within two years of being introduced by you. The commission payable to Partners will be 5% of all legal fees paid (net of VAT but excluding any disbursements and expenses) on any purchases made by clients whom they have introduced. Alternatively, you have the option of receiving a sum of between £100 – £300 as introduction fee on the basis that no further fees will be payable on subsequent purchases by that client. This might be of interest to those who are not VAT registered, and prefer a one-off lump sum.
Also, special arrangements can be made if you wish to channel the amounts earned to a charitable organization.

  • Is the percentage amount I can earn capped?

The percentage may rise to 10% over a period of time or if specifically agreed with the Partner.

  • How does billing work?

We will periodically calculate the commission due to Partners who are due a percentage, and shall ask you to raise an invoice which we will settle by BACS transfer once the commission exceeds £100.

  • How can I promote you to my clients?

We may send you a dedicated link to use from time to time to promote our services. Otherwise, you may promote our services verbally to your clients and contacts. However, you would not be able to promote us through unsolicited telephone calls, or encourage people to purchase our services where this could not reasonably be considered to be in their best interests.

  • I don’t live in the UK. Can I still be a partner?

You certainly can. Our partnership approach is not limited in UK based businesses and we are always interested in co-operating with professionals from other countries. For those not based in the UK, who are not subject to VAT you can also benefit from the option of a fixed introduction fee of between  £100 – £300  accepting that no further fees will be payable to you if your client makes any subsequent purchases from us.

  • What information will I be able to track about my affiliated clients?

Unfortunately due to regulation compliance reasons you would not have access to any information relating to a client you introduce to us, including details of their matter or access to any records we hold about them or their matter

  • What are the terms of the Partners service?

For the affiliate and Partner Terms please see here

  • How do I cancel the program after signing up?

If you don’t want to keep partnering with us you can let us know and after a check of any outstanding issues we can remove your registration as partner from our database.