Before I begin this week’s blog, it is important to point out that no two successful businesses have identical stories. Each will have faced their own unique challenges, and their founders will have taken their own paths. With that said, there are undoubtedly common traits in the mindsets of many prominent businesspeople which have contributed Read More »

By Shireen Smith
 | January 15, 2021

Happy New Year. I love January, new beginnings, fresh starts and all that, don’t you? For reasons that will become apparent I’ve decided to call this episode Stop Assuming Your Customer is A Big Sophisticated Brand As I’ve set my intentions for the year ahead I’ve decided to make some changes to the podcast. Just Read More »

By Shireen Smith
 | January 8, 2021

If you want to take your business to the next level, franchising provides a less capital-intensive way to grow nationally and internationally. The franchisee promotes your brand by following your successful proven path, while you provide support with marketing, access to trusted suppliers, systems, and other resources. Training becomes a core part of your business Read More »

By Shireen Smith
 | December 20, 2020

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