Business Terms

September 19, 2019

Business Terms (or Terms of Business) govern the contractual relationship between you and your customers. For the sale of your goods or services you need Terms of Business, which are also sometimes called ‘terms and conditions‘.

  • Business terms are an important opportunity to provide clarity and communication for customers.
  • Your business terms are not just commercial tools, they convey valuable information about the values of your business. A business which has unreasonable or unfair terms can suffer reputational damage and may lose business as a result.
  • Your terms of business may well need to comply with consumer protection legislation
  • Web developers and online platform providers may not be familiar with contract law, so be sure to take legal advice to ensure your requirements are adequately met. The needs of a business selling downloadable software will be completely different to those of a business selling personalized goods.
  • Online businesses are subject to additional requirements such as the distance selling regulations. See our page on online businesses.

Use of Templates?

Start-ups often copy their competitors’ terms of business or use templates they find online. It is important to remember that these have not been drafted with your particular business in mind. They will also not help you understand the reasoning behind certain provisions, or explain anything not included in a contract, such as implied terms of contract.

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