Domain Name Law

September 19, 2019

Domain names are a fundamental aspect of modern branding.

  • Domain names can be used instantly to associate your website with your brand.
  • They are inexpensive to register
  • The owner of a domain name is the person who registers it. That person will receive renewal reminders.
  • Domain names can become important assets of the business, and should be managed carefully
  • Even though a domain name may be available to register, if it conflicts with someone else’s trademark rights you may not be able to use it..
  • Checking whether you are free to use a name before registering a domain name is essential.

Domain name management services

It is important to put in place an effective administrative solution to manage domains. This is an area where we can assist

  • A solid administrative system will help ensure renewals are not missed, and that domains do not drop only to be picked up by cybersquatters.
  • In some countries there may be restrictions on who may register domains. Using our domain management service means we can help with local presence requirements.
  • We advise on the requirements of each country and assist in helping you secure domain registrations that are not generally available. In some countries there may be restrictions on who may register domains, and requirements such as an established local presence. We are able to advise on the requirements of each country and assist in satisfying local requirements for securing domain registrations.

Domain Name Disputes

Cybersquatting and Typosquatting involve registering domains using existing brand names, or misspellings of brand names with the intention of selling those domains to the brand owner or others at an inflated price.

  • There are international dispute resolution protocol for such domain name disputes – the UDRP.
  • This procedure allows you to reclaim a domain name if you are the brand owner, and the domain name has been registered in bad faith to take advantage of your reputation.
  • It is easier to take action if you have registered a trademark in which case there are also ways for you to reserve domain names before they are released to the public.

Further information can be found on our brand protection page.

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