The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) is an international process for the resolution of domain name disputes which addresses the problems of cybersquatting and domain name disputes. The UDRP allows a person allows for the legitimate owner of a domain name to apply for a domain name that has been registered in ‘bad faith’ to…Read more »

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Trademark Infringement and Trademark Disputes

Trademark Infringement The owners of registered trademarks have exclusive rights to use their mark in trade. So, there is a potential trademark infringement where: another party uses a mark which is confusingly similar in respect of their own goods and services. A well known trademark is used, even for different goods and services. Note that…Read more »

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Social Media Law

The social web is having a profound impact on society, revolutionizing the way in which brands are cultivated and protected online. At Azrights, we understand social media law, its attraction for consumers and its potential for business. How can social media help me to market my business? The internet is increasingly the first port of…Read more »

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Selling a Business

When selling any business, be it an App, or website, or shareholding in a business there are several issues of key importance to consider: Your confidential information must be properly protected by using an appropriate confidentiality agreement. This ensures the buyer does not misuse the information it has access to during the due diligence process.…Read more »

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What is Piracy? Piracy is a term often used to describe copyright infringement. The term refers to deliberate commercial or politically motivated infringement, such as Unauthorised copying and distribution of media such as music and video and other creative content Counterfeit goods – where the original goods are copied and represented as the original Piracy…Read more »

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Patent Infringement and Patent Disputes

Patents give their owner a powerful intellectual property right. The owner of a patent has an exclusive right to stop others from making, selling, importing or using the patented invention. Patent Infringement The sanctions for infringement can be serious. Patent infringement may occur in various circumstances, most notably where a third party manufactures, distributes or…Read more »

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Open Source Software

Freely available libraries of open source software now contribute to rapid application development on all popular platforms, from programmable hardware, to PCs and mobile devices. However, the fact that open source software is in the public domain does not mean that open source software comes without restrictions. Like other software, open source software is protected…Read more »

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Online Defamation

Online defamation is an important consideration not only for businesses who operate their own websites, but also for businesses generally, who will be concerned about the risk that online defamation poses to their reputation. If an untrue, and damaging statement is published by you or through a website or service you control, then you may…Read more »

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Marketing Law

The law as it applies to marketing is a vast, and complex subject, because marketing can take many forms, including digital, and involves a wide range of considerations. In particular: The content of marketing materials can be subject to copyright, design, trademark and other protections. Text, video, photographs and audio are protected by copyright and you may not own the…Read more »

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Letter Before Action

Sending a letter before action can be a useful way to open up negotiations without going to the expense of starting legal proceedings. Why begin with a Letter Before Action? In general, when a dispute arises, court proceedings (litigation) should be the last resort as they are expensive, time-consuming and may not achieve the commercial…Read more »

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