Know How and Trade Secrets

Know how tends to be information that is valuable to a business even if just covers very basic information generated in your business. Examples of know how include: pricing; your insights into how to sell your products and services; something developed over time, such as a way you carry out a particular procedure. Know how…Read more »

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IP Valuation

Intellectual property can account for a significant proportion of a company’s value. An intellectual property valuation may be required in the following circumstances: for accounting or tax purposes for use in litigation for transactional purposes, including for example on a divorce or bankruptcy, on a sale of a business or a company merger. Intellectual Property…Read more »

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IP Infringement

IP infringement occurs when someone does something which is the exclusive right of the owner of an intellectual property right to do. For example: a copyright holder has the exclusive right to control who copies and uses their work so if someone else copies it they infringe that right. a patent owner has the right…Read more »

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Intellectual Property Agreements

Intellectual property is a valuable asset which will be key to your business. It must therefore be effectively managed. It is important to have appropriate legal agreements in place to ensure that your IP is adequately protected, transferred or licensed as the case may be. However, Intellectual Property (IP) agreements can be complex documents. We…Read more »

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Hosting Agreements

Adequate hosting is crucial to maintaining an effective online presence. If a website buckles under the pressure of millions of visitors just as a critical marketing campaign comes to a head, the repercussions will be felt by your bottom line. Similarly, if you are a hosting provider then matching your capacity with your obligations under…Read more »

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If you have developed a successful business model and brand it may be appropriate to consider expanding through licensing or franchising. Franchising involves achieving a successful business model that is profitable, so that another business owner who is granted a licence to use your know-how and business formula can achieve expected returns. For them franchising…Read more »

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Domain Name Dispute

A domain name dispute arises when someone has a domain name incorporating your company’s brand name. For example, if someone registers then Google could object to that registration because the domain name uses its name. There are two main courses of action when a domain name dispute arises: Litigation through the courts. Use of…Read more »

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Design Infringement and Design Disputes

Design Infringements Where someone manufactures or sells a design without the authorisation of the designer, they may be liable for design infringement. An important first question is to assess whether or not the design registration is in fact infringed. This can be a difficult matter to assess and it is a good idea to seek…Read more »

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Data Protection

There is legislation requiring organisations to explain the purposes for which personal data is being processed. Companies also need to provide individuals with certain safeguards in respect of the processing of the information about them. Virtually every business needs to register with the Information Commissioner, as they handle personal information, such as names and addresses,…Read more »

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Counterfeiting has always been a concern to businesses whose products are copied and sold off cheaply. With the increasing number of people shopping online it has become easier for counterfeiters to distribute their counterfeit goods and services. Counterfeit goods can impact on the demand and market for authentic goods and services and damage the reputation…Read more »

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