The starting point is often a consultation as it give you:

    • One to one time with a specialist solicitor to address your concerns (by phone, Skype, or in a meeting).
    • Clarity on your legal position
    • Specific advice on your next steps which is included in a brief follow up note after the meeting.

We offer 3 options. The correct one will depend on the number of documents to review prior to the consultation.

Bronze No pre-existing documents to be reviewed in advance of the meeting,

Silver, There will be a few papers and other information for us to consider and a few specific questions you would like to ask which we will look into prior to the consultation

Gold There may be a number of documents to be reviewed prior to the meeting and a number of questions you would like us to consider and advise on prior to the meeting.

What Next?

VAT will be added automatically as you proceed through to checkout. If you prefer to pay by invoice ask for a pro forma invoice, and pay by BACs.

Step 1 Pay for the service you need
Step 2 Once you’ve paid, send us the relevant details or paperwork to [email protected]
Step 3 We will confirm your order and send you a link to book a time for the advice session. You may choose whether this will be on skype or in a physical meeting.
Step 4 After the consultation you will receive a brief note of the advice, and recommended next steps.

Note if there are more extensive or complex questions than we are able to properly answer within the service you buy we will let you know and provide a quote for an alternative consultation.