Intellectual property (‘IP’) generally begins as an idea, sometimes referred to as a ‘creation of the mind’. It is also called ‘intangible property’ because you cannot see, touch or feel it. Yet, intangibles are potentially the most valuable assets your business will create.

The Internet has disrupted many business models. Are you aspiring to become the next Amazon, eBay, or Google? Take Airbnb as an example of how it’s possible in a short space of time for a new concept to become world famous. So, consider your IP early on.

Business contracts are made every day whether we realise it or not. It is not necessary to formally sign a contract in order to be subject to one. Legal agreements can be created orally, although it is always better from a business point of view, to use written contracts.

Sometimes, as much as we try, disputes are unavoidable. Someone else sues us, or infringes on our rights such that we have no option but to take action. Business disputes can be particularly worrying for an SME which is pressed for time.