Dispute Resolution

Sometimes as much as we try – disputes are unavoidable. Disputes can arise in relation to all sorts of business issues. We have particular expertise in:

Dispute Resolution

While dispute resolution is traditionally associated with court proceedings, there are a range of ways disputes may be handled which could mean they never need to turn into court proceedings.

At Azrights we always look at each dispute in an individual way, and focus on how best to help our clients solve the particular issues that have arisen in a cost effective way which meets their individual and business needs.

We can assist in relation to local and international disputes and advise if you need to respond to a cease and desist letter and refer you to regulated law firms when the matter has turned to litigation.

For more information about handling disputes visit our page on dispute resolution options.Court procedures can be complex and lengthy and we are well placed to put you in touch with the most experienced SRA regulated lawyers to support you through the process and represent you in court.

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