Cost is usually one of the most pertinent issues when considering litigation. It is important to bear in mind that costs you are awarded are unlikely to fully cover all the costs you incur in litigation.

In general, your opponent is likely to be ordered to pay your costs if you win. If you lose, you will generally be ordered to pay your opponents costs, as well as your own.

Funding options

There are several possibilities for funding litigation:

  • Private funding
  • Legal expenses insurance may be covered by your existing insurance policies
  • Litigation insurance. This is sometimes available before or after proceedings are issued. This might cover your opponents’ costs should you lose in the litigation. Sometimes this insurance might cover your own costs as well. Premiums can be high and will depend on your chances of winning.
  • Employer or Trade Union funding may be available in some cases.
  • Legal Aid
  • Conditional or Contingency Fee Arrangements (also referred to as ‘No Win No Fee’). We do not currently offer such arrangements except in rare cases.

Our fees

Unless it is possible to agree a fixed fee for certain aspects of the work, normally our fees for litigation work are calculated on an hourly basis. We invoice at the end of each month for work undertaken during that month.

We will provide full cost estimates for sending a letter before action and initiating legal proceedings.

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