Once you have registered to be an affiliate or partner (known as Partner) through our website or otherwise these are the Terms on which we co-operate with you. These Terms may be supplemented with other terms, such as with confidentiality or other agreements between us.

Partners are entitled to a marketing fee for introducing clients to us who subsequently purchase our services.We always ask clients how they found out about us, so if you referred us, we will find out, and will credit you with commission for any services they purchase, including any further services they buy within a year of their first purchase. Should you prefer we will donate money to your favourite charity instead of giving a commission, provided you let us know beforehand.

Partners have a non-exclusive, non-transferable revocable right to use our links, names, logos and similar collateral for the sole purpose of promoting our services, although you may not alter any materials provided by us without our prior written permission.

The commission payable to Partners will be five per cent of all legal fees paid (net of VAT but excluding any disbursements and expenses) on any purchases made by clients introduced by a Partner. This figure may rise to ten per cent over a period of time or if specifically agreed with a Partner. Alternatively, at the Partner introducer’s option a payment of between £100 – £300 will be made as an introduction fee on a one off basis, and then no further fees will be payable on subsequent purchases by that client.

We will periodically calculate the commission due to Partners who are due a percentage, and shall ask you to raise an invoice which we will settle by BACS transfer once the commission exceeds £100.

You agree not to promote us or our services through unsolicited telephone calls, or encourage people to purchase our services where this could not reasonably be considered to be in their best interests. Furthermore please note:

* We are obliged to let clients know that a commission payment will be made to you;

* We reserve the right to refuse to take you on as a Partner or to cease to have you as a Partner,

* Occasionally we may be unable to accept instructions from particular clients, such as where a conflict of interest exists or is reasonably foreseeable;

* You shall have no rights to any information relating to a client you introduce to us, including details of their matter or access to any records we hold about them or their matter

* Your website and communications must not contain unlawful, harmful, offensive or defamatory content or any content encouraging criminal activity or infringing intellectual property rights;