We are experts in Intellectual Property (IP) Internet and IT law, and provide the A to Z of global IP rights services, hence our name Azrights.

If you use us you can expect

  • accessible intellectual property advice and information.
  • a team that includes staff with backgrounds in IT and computer science.
  • all communications to be in language that you can understand.
  • lawyers focused on the digital world who ‘get’ the Internet.

Shireen Smith has written Legally Branded, a best selling book because she is dedicated to making IP law accessible.

Clear, commercial advice

We promise:

  • a commercial approach
  • not to sit on the fence
  • never to give you technical advice which ignores your likely commercial needs
  • to give clear advice that you can act upon
  • to make the law clear and accessible so it is easy for you to know your commercial options.

Regardless of whether you are involved in a legal dispute, or come to us when you are planning your business, you can expect our involvement to make a positive difference to your business. As your lawyers we contribute a lot more than templates.

Approach to legal fees

Wherever possible we will give you a cost effective fixed price for your legal work rather than charging on an hourly rate basis. That means:

  • You can set your budgets and manage your legal expenditure.
  • You can expect price certainty rather than simply receiving estimates based on how long we think a piece of work might take us to do.
  • You avoid buying services on an open ended basis.
  • You don’t have uncertainties such as how long the work might take.

We promise not to surprise you with invoices you were not expecting.

What next?

To find out how we can help, for a free consultation: