EP 1Shireen Smith - Why Branding Needs to be Interdisciplinary to Benefit Clients
EP 2Daniel Priestley - Building the Dent Brand
EP 3Susan Payton, Business Storyteller
EP 4 James Bridgman - Branding Early Stage Businesses
EP 5Laura Janes - Discusses Branding Financial Services Businesses For Growth
EP 6Stephen Willard - An Employee Centered Approach to Branding
EP 7David B. Horne - Add Then Multiply Approach to Achieving Unprecedented Growth in a Short Time Scale
EP 8Ronnie Fox - How a Focus on the Right Niche Led To Success
EP 9Will Critchlow - Growing and Selling his Distilled SEO Consultancy
EP 10Stephen Fenton - Branding Home and Interior Sector Businesses
EP 11Shireen Smith - Rethinking Your Brand? Use IP Strategically
EP 12Chris Radford - How To Understand Your Customers Better than your Competitors
EP 13Shireen Smith - What Not To Do When Branding
EP 14Hannah Power - Develop Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Business.
EP 15Theo Williams - A Product Designer's Perspective on Branding
EP 16Chrissie Lighfoot - Why a Brand Triage - Personal, Product and Company Brand - Increases Reach
EP 17Shireen Smith - Why Brand Protection is Important in Marketing
EP 18Stephen Robertson - Accountant's perspective on IP Value and importance of IP foundations.
EP 19Jeremy Miller - Brand Naming Process From Brand New Name Book
EP 20Shireen Smith - Continuous Improvement – Get Going with Your Podcast
EP 21Shireen Smith - Building a Business to Exit
EP 22Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - How to Increase the Value of Your Business Without Increasing Turnover
EP 23Levent Yildizgoren - Building a Translation Business
EP 24Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - 3 Facts About Copyright Everyone Should Know
EP 25Shireen Smith - How Brand, Branding and Marketing Impact Your Business Success
EP 26Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - What Business Are You Really In?
EP 27Shireen Smith - Why Have a Brand Strategy for Your Business? Part 1
EP 28Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Brands Staying Relevant at a Time of Deep Crisis
EP 29Shireen Smith - Why Have a Brand Strategy for Your Business? Part 2
EP 30Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Why Begin With the End in Mind
EP 31Alex Hamilton - Creating the Team Culture
EP 32Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Part 1 Licensing And Franchising, What Is The Difference And Does It Matter?
EP 33Tommy Ballam - Creating His Business and Growing it Through Franchising
EP 34Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Part 2 Licensing And Franchising, What Is The Difference And Does It Matter?
EP 35Kitty Newman - How People Can Manage Their Social Media
EP 36Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Are You Getting Engagement On Your Social Media Posts?
EP 37Jeff J. Hunter - From Corporate Executive to Building A Personal Branding and Marketing Business
EP 38Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - The Knowledge Economy - The More You Learn The More You Earn
EP 39Shireen Smith - Brand Purpose Leads to More Success
EP 40Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Managing Your Brand
EP 41Shireen Smith - How to Use the Brand To Guide your Business Journey.
EP 42Shireen Smith (from You Tube) - How to Start An Online Business Taking Action In the Right Order
EP 43Janis Carmena -Why You Should Sell on Amazon
EP 44Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Brand Names and Trademarks – What We Can Learn From Oscar Wilde
EP 45Paul Mitchell - Franchising, All You Need to Know
EP 46Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - What is Intellectual Property and What You Need to Know About It
EP 47Chala Dincoy - The Why and How of A Perfect Pitch for your Business
EP 48Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - How to Protect Ideas Against Theft by Competitors and Others
EP 49Alison Edgar - Understanding Secrets of Successful Sales
EP 50Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Why Understanding Intellectual Property Limitations Helps You to Be More Commercially Savvy
EP 51Simon Banks - Using Video to Scale Your Business
EP 52Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - What is Copyright?
EP 53Alex Bodini - How to Manage a Successful Digital Marketing Agency
EP 54Shireen Smith (from YouTube) - Intellectual Property – The Challenges of Protecting Ideas
EP 55Dominic Wells - How to Turn Blogging Into a Huge Income


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