EP 1Shireen Smith speaks about why Branding Needs to be Interdisciplinary to Benefit Clients
EP 2Global Entrepreneur Daniel Priestley
EP 3Susan Payton, Business Storyteller
EP 4 James Bridgman, Branding an Early Stage Business
EP 5David B. Horne, of Add Then Multiply Helps Businesses to Achieve Unprecedented Growth in a Short Time Scale
EP 6Stephen Willard from Emblaze Discusses His Employee Centered Approach to Branding
EP 7Branding Financial Services Businesses for Next Stage Growth
EP 8How a Focus on the Right Niche Led To Success
EP 9Will Critchlow - Growing and Selling his Distilled SEO Consultancy
EP 10Stephen Fenton - Branding Home and Interior Sector Businesses
EP 11Shireen Smith - Rethinking Your Brand? Use IP Strategically
EP 12Chris Radford - How To Understand Your Customers Better than your Competitors
EP 13What Not To Do When Branding
EP 14Develop Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Business.
EP 15Product Design to Branding by Former Creative Director of John Lewis, Habitat, and more
EP 16Chrissie Lighfoot - Why a Brand Triage - Personal, Product and Company Brand - Increases Reach
EP 17Why is Brand Protection Important in Marketing
EP 18IP Value - Stephen Robertson accountant on how to set your IP foundations in place.
EP 19Brand Naming – Jeremy Miller Outlines His Naming Process From His Book Brand New Name
EP 20Continuous Improvement – Get Going with Your Podcast
EP 21Building a Business to Exit
EP 22How to Increase the Value of Your Business Without Increasing Turnover
EP 23Building a Translation Business
EP 243 Facts About Copyright Everyone Should Know
EP 25How Brand, Branding and Marketing Impact Your Business Success


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