Trademark Registration

Although it is possible to use a name or other trademark sign, such as a logo or symbol, without first registering it, there are many drawbacks to not securing your trademark registration. Once your business moves beyond its early startup phase, it is time to apply for trademark registration.

  • Obtain a legal opinion to establish that the name or logo you are using is one you can own.
  • Seek professional advice to ensure you register the right sign. For example, registering a descriptive name with a logo does not give you rights over the words. It may be better to find a new name.
  • Trademarks are registered against particular business categories – that is in classes of goods or services which means that the same name could potentially be registered by several non-competing businesses. View a list of trademark classes.
  • Decide whether to apply for a UK or EU mark. An EU mark protects you in all EU countries including the UK.

International Trademark Registration

For your trademark requirements, we offer an international trademark registration service which covers all countries worldwide, either using the Madrid Protocol, or directly using local agents. View the list of Madrid Protocol countries.

You can read more information on our dedicated trademark registration website ( It is also possible to purchase our trademark registration service online through secured online payment.

What’s Next?

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